Winter Arrives Early in Maine: Dumbass Snow Art!

Augusta, Maine – 11-2-2014, 3:50 PM EST

We got our first snowfall of the season today here in New England.

Right now there’s about 4 inches on the ground, while Mother Nature continues to dump more white stuff on us – possibly 4 or 5 more inches before this storm is over.

It is November 2nd as I type this.

This does not bode well for the prospects of a “mild” winter, whose official start is still 7 weeks away!

In my hometown of Irving, Texas it is currently 66 degrees.


Later this year when Old Man Winter hits us with all his fury, The First Family of Dumbassery (me & my wife and kids) will have very few opportunities for recreation except for building igloos and walking our pet moose Clyde.

The more creative residents of New England, however, put their Mad Artistic Skillz to good use when we have a few feet of snow on the ground.

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3 responses to “Winter Arrives Early in Maine: Dumbass Snow Art!

  1. The picture is hilarious…and really an early entry for winter fest. (Molly attacked a melting octopus sand sculpture last week.) If it makes you feel any better, it’s long sleeve weather here – at night anyway….and you know how no one in Dallas area can drive if it ices…)

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  2. AY! Que horror! I am so sorry for your misfortune. 😦 No nieve here yet, thankfully. 🙂 Love the snow memes! The ice-iss one and the two feet one are my faves.


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