Dumbass Cuisine: Bringing Culinary Culture to Yankee Land!

Also Comes in a Gopher Gravy Variety

I have lived in Maine for about 8 1/2 years now.

Besides moving here with the hopes that the Future Mrs. Fearless Leader would take advantage of me in a carnal way thus creating a baby that would spring forth from her loins, one of my stated goals upon arriving in the Pine Tree State was to bring these Yankee Bastids some culture.

Yeah, I know they have some fine universities, museums and lobsters and shit, but what kind of damn culture is that?

In today’s lesson in the Culture of Redneck Dumbassery, I’d like to focus on food.

Don’t get wrong, I love lobster (it’s one of my favorite vegetables), but New England Cuisine overall is, shall we say, lacking.

The closest thing to Meskin food up here is Taco Bell. BBQ? Don’t even get me started. They do, however, make a pretty tasty Moose Scrotum Fondue.

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