WANKERS: We Don’t Want Pics of Your Wankers, Dumbasses!

The following post is NSFW!

To Send or Not to Send

Before arriving in Maine to spend the rest of my life with Mrs. Fearless Leader, we were buddies who met in an AOL chat room. That was over ten years ago. You can read about it here.

During the year and a half before I got here and our relationship was blossoming into The Real Deal, we exchanged many photos. She sent me a mess of pictures of her and then-Toddler Isabella and I sent her lots of photos of the house where I lived and the nearby Rocky Mountains, as well as some, for lack of a better term, selfies. This was before “selfies” became known as “selfies”.

That said, I can assure you with a great deal confidence that I did not send her any images of my junk , impressive as it might be.

According to an internet survey done by Wimmin Against Nekkid Kinetically Erect Rut-muscles, Stoopid or WANKERS, there are reasons for not forwarding off photographs of your crank to unsuspecting broads.

Here’s what WANKERS had to say about unwanted snapshots of your tube steak.

Read the rest…..


2 responses to “WANKERS: We Don’t Want Pics of Your Wankers, Dumbasses!

  1. “What HE said”- Agreed! 🙂

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