Dumbass Driving Hilarity: A Texan, Beer, Snow & a Tight Spot (VIDEO)

My longtime friend, Matt lives in Rockwall, Texas.

Besides being a great guy, I am forever in Matt’s debt for a gift he gave me many years ago – Clyde the Fish. Matt stopped by my house one morning on his way to work to visit his brother mark and me. Mark, also a friend of many moons, and I were standing outside smoking a Manually Assembled Relaxation Device (MARD) or, in the vernacular, a joint when Matt pulled up.

M and M had a short conversation that went something like this:

Matt: I am gonna flush that fucking fish I own.

Mark: WTF?

Me (butting in): I’ll take it!

So I did.

I named him Clyde.

Read the rest…..

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