Images of a Dumbass Christmas!

It’s only one week until the Fat Jolly Guy (no, not your Uncle Schlomo!) makes his annual trip around the world leaving lots of goodies to boys and girls who have been monstrous little fuckers nice children over the past year.

Santa will also be leaving Ma and Pa Dumbass in credit card debt until next July…just so they can start all over to go further in debt for next Christmas! 

Therefore, it is in the Spirit of Christmas (and looming financial ruin) that we observe this wonderful Yuletide Season through the eyes of The Dumbass of Christmas Present.

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3 responses to “Images of a Dumbass Christmas!

  1. Spirit of Christmas followed by rapid Spirit of New Here (moved with no forwarding mailing address)?


  2. Muy comico! It took me a while to get the palm tree one! LOL. 🙂

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