City Orders Demolition of House; WOOPS! Wrong House!

Best of Dumbass News

It pains me to say that even my home state of Texas is not immune from the disease that is dumbass-itis.

Out of nearly 30 million people, you’d expect there to be at least a few Dumbasses in a state as populated

as Texas.

Granted, they are probably Dumbasses from faraway lands, like New Jersey, they are still Dumbasses invading residing in Texas.

Here’s the deal: the City of Denton had ordered that a house at (fictional address) 10 Main Street be repaired or demolished because of various violations of city codes like unkept lawns and junk cars decorating said unkept lawns. You know, the Fred G. Sanford Yard look.

Having given the owner of the property more than adequate notice and warning of what could happen if he failed to comply with city code, the house and yard were never brought up to snuff. The City of Denton then ordered the house to be demolished. The City went through the proper channels and scheduled the demolition of 10 Maine Street.

Demolition crews were notified and on the appointed date went to 10 Main Street and began to pulverize a big house into a big pile of shit.

There was one small problem.

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2 responses to “City Orders Demolition of House; WOOPS! Wrong House!

  1. Toby, I don’t know how to break this to you, but Dumbassery started in Texas and slithered its way across the rest of the country. That’s why they are so afraid to let evolution be taught.

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  2. Now I understand why my given name is “Grog”!


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