Dumbass Scientistic Achievement of the Year Award!

Many of our Dumbasses Come Lately are probably under the impression that Dumbass News is all about stoopid fucks doing stoopid shit. This, to a large extent, is true.

Yesterday’s Best Use of an Ass for 2014  story is a prime example of stoopid fucks doing stoopid shit.

There are times, however, when I like to delve into more intellectual pursuits – like science.

By “science” I don’t mean that fake-ass stuff like Newton’s Law of Gravity or other fraudulant scientistic garbage. The “science” I speak of comes from the application of The Scientistic Method as done by St. Jim Bob, Patron Scientistic Saint of Dumbasses, Rednecks and Non-Yankees. It is my obligation as the Editor-in-Chief of the World’s Leading Scientistic Journal for the Dumbass Community to seek all available information, not just that which comes from highly educated pansies who have PhDs in biology, chemistry, physics and other scientistic nonsensical indoctrination spewed forth by Commies, Yankees and pussified Nobel Laureates at Harvard, MIT and the University of Phoenix.

Read the rest…..


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