Back In the Saddle: Drunk Horsey Ridin’!

Best of Dumbass News

We have covered some wild ass DUI stories here on Dumbass News.

For Example

Down in DeKalb County Alabama they do DUI a little differently than many other places do DUI. At least drunk Alabama wimmin do.

To begin with, there is of course the obligatory first step of getting obliterated.

Speaking from the perspective of a Former Professional Drinker, I can without reservation tell you that it is at this point that the real fun begins.

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4 responses to “Back In the Saddle: Drunk Horsey Ridin’!

  1. I do hope there is a new campaign in that state: Don’t drink and ride. Dumbasses.

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  2. There is such a campaign – “Don’t hooch & horse.”


  3. “No word on whether she tried to defeat the breathalyzer by sucking Second Hand Ass from her underwear.” Okay, ew on this visual but I’ll let it go because you are you!! LOL.

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  4. I had several feminine hygiene jokes in mind, but they were REALLY sick! 😀 You can start hatin’ me now.


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