Stoopidest Idea Ever: Stop School Shootings w/ Canned Veggies!

Remember when I wrote these words just a few days ago? 

It seems like every year within a day or two just before or after we name the Dumbass of the Year , a story comes right out of the chute and thrusts itself into immediate contention for this year’s Dummy Awards.

Ladies and gentlemen and all the ships at sea….there you have it…your Leaders in the Clubhouse for the 2015 Dumbass of the Year Award.

It turns out that they were prophetic.


Let me splain.

Read the rest…..


7 responses to “Stoopidest Idea Ever: Stop School Shootings w/ Canned Veggies!

  1. It’s the same with all awards, i’m afraid Toby. Sigh.

    And while i didagree entirely with the idea of arming teachers — my son wojld have been shot repeatedly for being a wiseass. I think maybe a modified vegetable format might, infact, work. Children and teachers alike should be forced to eat beans so they fart all the time. Then nobody would wAnt to enter the school if he didn’t have to. And that includes deranged shooters.

    Problem solved.

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  2. Well, it’s better than waving a paper restraining order or school policy page.
    Kids can’t remember to bring paper, pen…much less books…carry something heavy like a can veggie – oh, the muscle strains and sprains…the nurse will be so busy ( another excuse to get out of class!)
    Wait, did that letter say anything about using the cans for target practice i archery/gym class? Schools are pretty hard up for cash and targets cost money….better a can than a kid…..
    If they only had big security dogs roaming the halls – cans of dog food could be useful? (and those plastic grocery bags the kids carry the cans to school in….)

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