The Old Steal the Steaks & Hide ‘Em Under Your Ass Trick!

Have you ever been hongry?

I am not talking about the kind of hongry you get between lunch and supper, I am talking HONGRY.

As in “I have no damn clue where my next meal is coming from” type of hongry.

I have.

And it ain’t fun.

Let me clarify something here.

I have been on every rung of the Economic Ladder except the Independently Wealthy Rung. I have been fairly well-off, I have been dirt poor, I have been flat broke….and all points in between.

It was during my stint on the Broke Ass Motherfucker Rung of the Economic Ladder that I discovered what it was truly like to be HONGRY.

Have you ever been so damn penniless that when you finally got to eat a baloney sandwich that your taste buds thought you were eating a T-bone from Ruth’s Chris?

All I can say is that that was one mighty fine baloney sammich.

Even during my most desperate economic woes, I never resorted to chicanery so I could eat. My Mama brought me up better than that.

Rodney Fowler evidently didn’t listen to his Mama like I did mine.

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