Dumbass Cheats On Wife; Wife Cuts Off His Thingy! TWICE!

Being an unfaithful spouse can often lead to some serious unpleasantidity.

Like death.
Maybe even a SWAT Team raid.
Many times, being a cheating pile of methane-emitting, steaming pile of aardvark dung can mean saying adios to “The Little Fella”.
There are any number of ways to get busted sticking your weenie into the wrong cooch.
  1. Leaving pair of your paramour’s size 2 panties on your size 8 wife’s side of the bed never fails to lead to bad joo joo.
  2. Of course there’s that oldie But Goodie – not-your-bride’s lipstick on the collar.
  3. Leave you cell phone unlocked so that  nosy bitch loving woman you married can snoop into your perfectly innocent putrid immoral extramarital liaisons.

#3 up there ^^^ resulted in considerable discomfort for a Chinese Guy.

 You see, his wife suspected he was doing the hokey pokey with another woman, so she went to his cell phone for confirmation.
She found it.

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