Dumbass Fashion: Hoochie Mama & Pimp Daddy Formal Wear at the Prom!

Lately I have seen a few blog and Facebook posts about school dances, proms and shit like that.

My grand daughter Chaeli was one of those kids that had such a shindig.

She was, as you’d expect, dressed up in her Sunday-Go-To-Meetin’ Finery – looking every bit like a young lady. She was very beautiful. 

At Camden High School in Camden, (You got it!) New Jersey, the females who attended their prom were certainly young and they were dressed just like you’d thnk they would be. That is if you thought they’d get gusied up like a bunch of damned hoochie mamas.

Their dates looked like something from a 1975 episode of Soul Train. Or worse.
In other words, it was a Soiree Fashion Clusterfuck.
See for yourself….

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