Save Old Farts & the Budget Deficit! Tax Bicycles!

Here we are in what is arguably the worst economic period in the United States since the Great Depression.

Big Gubmint Types, like the Dipshit in Chief, do what they do every time the economy turns even the least bit sour.

They yell from the highest mountain top for higher taxes, especially on the rich.

Despite having been proved an Ass Load of Fail every time it’s been tried, Big Gubmint Types continue to scream for more taxes.

Sometimes, they refer to a new tax as a “fee”. 

It’s still a damned tax, Dumbass!

The latest Big Gbmint Type Asswipe to want to confiscate more of your money is a Democrat (go figure) from New Jersey (go figure again) named Cleopatra Tucker of Essex, NJ.

Cleo’s brilliant idea is to tax bicycle riders by having them register their bikes!

Now she wants the Gubmint to issue license plates for bikes! 

Read the rest…..


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