Dumbass Sports: Drunk Zamboni Driving!

I am a Sports Fan.

I love a wide variety of athletic competition – college football (Hook ‘Em Horns!), the NFL (Go Pack Go!), baseball, hockey and the NBA. Oh, yeah….and curling…I absolutely love curling!

Now, you may wonder why a Redneck from Texas would like shit like hockey and curling. The answer to that is very simple – ice. To be precise, I am 100% against driving or walking on ice, however without ice during the days of my Professional Hops & Barely Consultant to various beer brewers from around the world, I would have drunk thousands of hot or warm beers. This is unacceptable. Except at rodeos. “Rodeo warm” beer is not only acceptable it is expected when one attends a sporting event where 140 men try to ride a 2000 pound bull.

That said, drinking beer and sports go together like John, Paul, George and Ringo, Moe, Larry and Curly and Brian Williams and saving puppies from burning buildings.

Unless you are a Zamboni driver.

At a girls high school hockey game.

Let me splain.

Read the rest…..


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