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Dumbass Love Life Texting FAIL!

Presented without comment.

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Texting: The Moment You Regret Hitting the Send Button!

That moment when you are texting and you instantly wish you hadn’t hit the Send  button.

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Dumbass Love Life Advice: The Mens Rules!

With tomorrow being Valentines Day and all, and me being a misogynistic Redneck Assbag, I think it’s time that we brought men to the forefront of this Mainly-for-Wimmin-and-Kids “holiday”.

Here’s what I mean by that….a guy buys a woman a Valentines Day gift for two reasons:

  1. Because he loves her.
  2. Because he has to. Or face the prospect of waking up with his recently-fileted Family Jewels being flushed into oblivion. This is a most distressing thought to most guys who do not reside in San Francisco.

Anyway, my amigo Jim in Florida sent me a List of Man Rules via email.

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Dumbass Romance: Touching Valentines Day Cards!

Romance is in the air…..

Heavenly Inspiration

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Friday Facebook/Text Girlfriend FAIL!

Presented without comment.

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